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French paradox


During the TV broadcast "60 minutes" presented in November, 1991 on CBS, Doctor Serge Renaud gave several millions Americans the opportunity of discovering the "French Paradox".

He showed that in most countries, a high consumption of saturated grease is largely correlated to an important number of deaths due to cardiovascular diseases.

It is not the case in France, and in particular in the Toulouse region (South West), famous for its Cassoulet (baked beans with fat duck or goose, pork...) where death due to coronary disease is low.

After the talk about "French Paradox" on American TV Doctor Klasky decided to review his study.

Among the patients of "Kaiser Permanente" medical center, the analyses showed that wine-drinkers presented less risk of death due to cardiovascular disease than non-drinkers.

In fact, according to Professor Masquelier of Bordeaux University (France) wine present in blood accelerates the elimination of cholesterol.


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