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Wine components / Composition of wine

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Nearly one thousand components have up to now been identified.

Wine contains 85 to 90% water.

It also comprises ethyl acid resulting from yeasts fermentation. All wine incorporate some acidity from organic acids among which is tartric acid characteristic of grape.

The mineral composition of wine is special as it contains potassium, calcium, magnesium, sodium, iron, sulfates, phosphoruses, all of which necessary to cover daily needs of human beings.

Potassium salts and sulfates are known to facilitate diuresis. Wine also comprises polyols among which glycol which gives the sweet taste. Wine contains a small amount of azoted substances as well as 20 amineted acids among which proline can be found.

It is surprising to notice that the concentration of amineted acid in wine is very close to that of human blood!

Wine contains vitamins of the group B, and, above all vitamin P which reinforces the cell-wall of capillary vessels, lessening the risks of hemorrhage and oedema.

Wine also comprises more specific components which give it its personality (aroma components) such as phenolic components. The phenolic component is an element whose molecule incorporates several phenolic functions among which are phenolic acids, anthocyanes and tannin.


Click here for a graphical composition of wine

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