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Winemaking techniques:
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Wine making in France

It is difficult to speak of winemaking. The saying goes in France there are as many wines as vineyards.

Every winemaker brings his one touch before, during, and after the wine making process.

Each choice in the successive steps of the elaboration of wine has repercussions on the taste and the quality of the wine :

  • The choice of the terroir
  • The climate (and the date of harvest)
  • The choice of the grape-variety, it is determinant
  • The type of container in which the fermentation will take place
  • The temperature at which the juice of grape is maintained during the fermentation
  • The fermentation period
  • The type of container in which the maturation will take place

Nobody can pretend there is only one unique method of making wine. That is the beauty of wine as winemakers are also responsible for the incredible diversity of wines we can choose from.

Needless to say that winemaking requires "savoir-faire" and experience. A winemaker is not only an artisan but also an artist.

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