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Wine Cooler / Cellar Selection

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Haier BC112G 30

21 bottle capacity wine cooler
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Haier BC112G 30 haier

18 bottles capacity wine cooler
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35 bottles compact wine cellar
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Haier BC112G 30

40 bottle capacity wine cooler
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Storing wine advices

Recommended temperature for chilling wine::

-  Red wine: 55 - 60°F / 12.7-15.5°C
-  White wine: 49 - 56°F / 9.5 -13.3°C
-  Rosé wine: 49 - 51°F / 9.5 -10.5°C

How to store wine?

The easiest way to keep wine is to get a wine cooler. It is very easy to use as there is nothing to take care of. A wine cooler maintains the same condition: constant temperature and humidity, no vibration, good air circulation, no sun light. Here are a few advice to keep your bottle of wine safe.

Wine needs to be protected from:

- Temperature (too warm or too cold)

- Vibration

- Light

- Humidity (too much or too less)

- No air circulation

How long can I keep a bottle of wine ?

- French wine list

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Recommended book

New France, a complete guide to french wine
by Andrew Jefford

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Hardcover, 256 pages

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