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Store wine : humidity

Protect wine from too much or too less humidity

Wine needs to mature in a place with a hygrometry of 70 to 80%.

The hygrometry is the level of humidity: the percentage of water in the air.

When the room is too dry or too humid, the wine can not mature.

If the room is too dry:

The room is too dry when the hygrometry is below 70%.

The cork dries up. The alcohol in the wine eat the cork. The cork gets smaller and smaller. The air can get into the wine and alter its composition. The wine can also evaporate from the bottle.

If the room is too humid:

The room is too humid when the hygrometry is above 80%.

The humidity damages the cork and the smell of the cork will go into the wine.

The humidity also attacks the label of the bottle.

If the wine is kept for a long time (a few months) in a dry or humid place it will be irremediably damaged.

A wine cooler maintains a constant level of hygrometry.

Wine cellars (wine coolers):

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Protect wine from:

- Temperature (too warm or too cold)

- Vibration

- Light

- Humidity (too much or too less)

- No air circulation

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