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Store wine : temperature

Best temperature to keep wine :

The ideal temperature to keep wine is between 50 and 57°F (10 and 14°C)

Wine needs a constant temperature all year round to mature.

A fridge is not a suitable place to keep wine as vibrations will destroy some of its components.

Recommended temperature for chilling wine:

  •  Red wine:  55-60°F  /  12.7-15.5°C
  •  White wine:  49-56°F  /  9.5-13.3°C
  •  Rosé wine:  49-51°F  /  9.5-10.5°C

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Wine cellars (wine coolers):

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Protect wine from:

- Temperature (too warm or too cold)

- Vibration

- Light

- Humidity (too much or too less)

- No air circulation

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Need a wine cooler ?

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