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Alsace Wine Information 

Alsace: 21 wines in the French Wine Guide
- Gewurzt - Tokay -
all Alsace wines

Alsace produces excellent dry and sweet white wines. They are so typical that the grape varieties used there only grow in Alsace and nowhere else.

Michelin Green Guide in Alsace
by Gaven Watkins

Exploration of Alsace wine route, the Rhine valley, Strasbourg city, the gothic cathedrals of Alsace, the typical half-timbered villages. Alsace is obviously one of the most beautiful french regions..
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michelin alsace

The most basic information on the wine in Alsace are :

Location: North East of France, between the Vosges and the Rhine river
Alsace region information
Size: 190km long and 50km wide (120 x 30 miles)
smallest region in France
Size of the vineyards: 15,000 hectares (37,000 acres)
Grapes in Alsace: Riesling (23% of Alsace wines)
Pinot Blanc (20%)
Gewurztraminer (18%)
Tokay Pinot Gris (13%)
Sylvaner (12%)
Production: 165 million bottles
+90% of Alsace wines are white
Alsace wine making
Type of Wine: Refreshing dry and sweet white wine
Alsace Wine and Food: Sauerkraut
Alsace wine and food

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About Alsace wine region :
Alsace wine information - Alsace region information - Alsace map - wine making - classification of wine - Alsace wines and food - Buy Alsace wines - Alsace main page

Interview :
Etienne Hugel (alsatian wine maker)

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