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Store wine

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Store wine

You can keep a bottle of wine any where in the house or in the apartment as long as the wine is protected from:

- Temperature (too warm or too cold)

- Vibration

- Light

- Humidity (too much or too less)

- No air circulation

Each of these 5 enemies can kill wine or prevent it from maturing.

Aging is essential in order to bring wine to its optimum. In time, wine delivers typical aromas and flavors. The process works only if the wine is kept in perfect condition.

How long can I keep my bottle of wine ?

Aging depends on how the bottle is kept, it is also depend where the wine is coming from. Red or white, from Bordeaux or Burgundy, every wine needs much or less time to mature. Please have a look at the list of french wines to find out how long you should keep a bottle of french wine: french wine list

How to store wine ?

The easiest way to keep wine is to purchase a self-contained unit (known as a wine cooler). A wine cooler can be as small as a little fridge, with enough space for 24 bottles (a 24-bottles wine cooler costs about $500). Some can hold more than 2,500 bottles (and cost up to $5,000). In between the two extremes lies a vast number of options to fit nearly any need and budget. Terroir-France recommends the following wine coolers, from the best manufacturers for the most demanding wine lovers:

Wine cellars (wine coolers):

Wine Enthusiast

3 temperature range
Double glass door

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Haier BC112G 30 Haier wine cellar

30-bottle wine cellar
with contoured smoked glass door


Protect wine from:

- Temperature (too warm or too cold)

- Vibration

- Light

- Humidity (too much or too less)

- No air circulation

How long can I keep a bottle of wine ?

- List of french wines

Need a wine cooler ?

- Selected wine coolers



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Recommended book

New France, a complete guide to french wine
by Andrew Jefford

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Hardcover, 256 pages

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