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Pierre-Henry Gagey
Louis Jadot

Louis Jadot is one of the most well-known houses in Burgundy. Louis Jadot is famous for the quality and the regularity of its wines. Louis Jadot provides a wide range of Burgundy wines able to satisfy all wine lovers. A good opportunity to meet Louis Jadot chairman, Pierre-Henry Gagey.

You followed after your father André Gagey at Louis Jadot's head about a dozen of years ago, what did he bring to you?

I joined Louis Jadot in 1985. My studies and professional life were completely outside of the wine business. In fact, it brought me great advantages and allowed me to develop a vision very different from the world of wine and a more open-minded spirit.

My father, who managed Louis Jadot since 1962 taught me almost everything about wine. He played an essential role in the life of Louis Jadot because the spirit of Louis Jadot's house was created around him and nowadays the same spirit still prevails.

And what have you brought yourself that was different?

My goal from the first beginning was very clear: continue and try to improve the model which had been set up by three generations of Jadot then by my father. This model worked perfectly well. Quality first. One brand. Only one label. An idea to reasonably grow without putting first quantity or profit instead of quality.

When I joined Louis Jadot, my father worked with a senior accountant and with Jacques Lardière as technical manager. That's all. We then tried to set up a team in order to prevent Louis Jadot from relying only on two persons, as qualified as they may be. Today, it is the team behind Louis Jadot that is the important asset and is enabling us to develop harmoniously throughout the world.

Louis Jadot is currently owned by an American family (the Kopf family) who are your US importer through Korbrand. What are the benefits and what do you expect in the future?

Louis Jadot has the chance to be a family company which belonged to the Jadot family between 1859 and 1985 and which was bought by the Kopf family. Actually three American sisters. It was at the time when I joined my father. It is a great chance for us because our shareholders are in love with Burgundy and have always wanted to give to Louis Jadot the means to express great quality wines with no compromise. Louis Jadot would not be what it is today without these shareholders, either Jadot or Kopf. They are always listening to our needs and are very proud to produce the best possible wine.

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Pierre-Henry Gagey
Louis Jadot



Pierre-Henry Gagey
Maison Louis Jadot








Rue Spuller in Beaune
Headquarter of Louis Jadot


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