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Wine links



Robert Parker Online :
Over 50,000 tasting notes from the famous wine critic himself or from the Wine Enthusiast. Excellent quality content with articles and editorials.
Subscription plans are $99 USD for 1 year and $29 USD for 90 days.

Internet Wine :
Instant access to all major wine sites of the world.
This is an impressive web site with a collection of links pointing to the best wine web sites in the world.
Terroir-France is listed !

Superplonk :
Already known as a great column in the UK newspaper The Guardian. Is now online with a database of 5,000 wine reviews written by Malcolm Gluck. Nicely designed.

Wine Label Gallery :
An extensive collection of wine labels put in place by Manfred Becker. A great job we have to say. All the pictures look clean and they are hundreds of them! Manfred favors Bordeaux and his collection will appeal to many Bordeaux lovers!

Wine Institute :
The Wine Institute Library and Archives. The collection consists of about 3,000 book titles and currently maintains subscriptions to over a hundred periodicals relevant to the wine industry. Not too bad from an American organization!

French Wine Explorers Wine Tours :
Well established company offering luxury wine tours of all French wine regions, with expert guidance.


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