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Wine grades in France

Wines in France are categorized under the following wine grades:

Appellation d'Origine Contrôlée (AOC) list
Suggested translation: "regulated wine of origin"

Those wines are of higher quality. They are strictly ruled. Those rules cover methods of growing and producing, localization, grape-variety, minimum contents of alcohol, etc.

All those wines are analyzed and tasted. This very strict legislation guarantees an excellent quality of AOC wines.

The word "Origine" is often replaced by the name of the place of origin of the wine "Appellation Beaujolais controlée".

The complete list of French wine AOC is here

Appellation d'Origine Vin De Qualité Supérieure (AOVDQS)
Suggested translation: "higher quality wine of origin"

In the hierarchy of wines, those come just after the AOC. They are also strictly controlled by the "Institut National des Appellations d'Origine" (INAO).

Rules apply to the zone of production, grape-variety, minimum alcohol, methods of growing and producing.

Vin de Pays
Suggested translation: "country wine"

There are about 150 different Vin de Pays appellations in France for each area of origin. A country wine production zone is much larger than an AOC. Languedoc Roussillon alone produces 75 per cent of the french country wines. And 25 per cent of the french wine production are Vin de Pays. Winemakers must use specific grape varieties suggested by a "Conseil Interprofessionnel" (joint committee of professionals). However, regulation are less restrictive than for AOC wines. For instance, these wines can list on the label the grape varieties used while AOC wines cannot. All wines are analyzed, tasted and eventually approved. and accepted as "Vin de Pays". These wines are increasingly popular these days, rather cheap and perfect for daily-drinking wines.

Vin de Table
Suggested translation: "table wine"

About 40 to 50 percent of the wine produced in France fall under the table wine category. "Vin de Table" is the every day wine of France. Indeed it is the lowest classification. There are few restrictions and rules are set by the European Union. The label do not have to mention the area of origin. Typically a wine table is a mix of several grapes sometimes coming from different countries within the European Union. Wines using grapes grown in France are called "Vin de table français". Wines using european grapes are called european table wine.

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