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Provence wine and food

Rosé de Provence is the perfect summer wine. The wine is fresh and fruity. Rosé is a good companion to any meal that has sun in its roots and specially the food coming from the Mediterranean Sea and Provence. We recommend rosé with:

- Salad (such as Salade niçoise)
- as an aperitif
- with typical food from Provence (Bouillabaisse, Aioli, Ratatouille, etc)

Full body red wines from Provence should match with game and roasted red meat.

White wines are perfect with local seafood products.

Food from Provence :

Provence is one of the few regions the French Wine Guide covers that has more culinary than wine traditions. Provence meals are enticed by the local products, the sun almost all year round and the flavors of the aromatic herbs. Tomatoes, garlic and olive oils are the most important ingredients of almost any meal in provence. The most well know meals are:

- Bouillabaisse (Marseille fish soup) Bouillabaisse recipe
- Tomatoes Provencale (tomatoes with bread crumbs and garlic) Tomatoes provencale recipe
- Pistou soup

- Ratatouille (tomatoes, onions, pepper, garlic, eggplant, etc)
- Aioli (light mayonnaise with fresh garlic)

with Cuisine-France, French cooking and recipes

Cheese in Provence :

- Banon
- Picodon
- Goat cheese

with Cheese-France, the French Cheese Guide

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- A Farmhouse in Provence: An American Finds Old Stones, New Wine and Love Among the French

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Wines in Provence :
Côtes de Provence
- Bandol - Bellet - Wines from Provence

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