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Languedoc Roussillon wine and food

Recommended combination of Languedoc Rousssillon wine and food :

Red wine :
Grilled red meat
- Paté, sausages and salami
- Roasted turkey
- Feathered game

Rosé :
- Salad
- Onion tart
- Omelet
- as an aperitif

White wine :
- Local sea food products

Food from Languedoc Roussillon :

Cooking traditions in Languedoc Roussillon have roots in the same primary products as those in Provence. The main ingredients in Languedoc Roussillon cuisine are olive oil and tomatoes, garlic, onions and aromatic herbs are also used. The only difference may be that cooks use a little bit less garlic than in Provence. Sea food products are an essential part of the Languedoc Roussillon cuisine. The main important specialties are:

- Oysters (from Bouzigues)
- Gardiane (bull stew with rice)
- Bourride (fish with aïoli)
- Morue Catalane (cod with tomatoes and pepper)

- Anchoïade (anchovies with garlic and olive oil)
- Crème Catalane (cream with lemon, vanilla and fennel seed)

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Cheese in Languedoc Roussillon :

The following cheeses are made in Languedoc Roussillon. Note that Roquefort is coming from a remoted place called Larzac in the south west side of Languedoc.

- Pélardon
- Roquefort
- Bleu des Causses
- Goat cheese

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