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Other types of Champagne

Blanc stands for white
Noir stands for black
Rosé stands for pink

Blanc de Blancs :
This Champagne is made only with Chardonnay (white grape). There are only a few bottles made and there are quite expensive. The wine is more delicate than regular Champagne. It is the best aperitif wine available in France.

Blanc de Noirs :
This Champagne is made with black grapes, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier. Most of the time, there is only Pinot Noir. Very few bottles are available, even less than Blanc de blancs.

Champagne Rosé :
Pink Champagne is made with Pinot Noir and Chardonnay grapes. Winemakers add a little bit of red wine during blending. Red wine is usually coming from Bouzy, a typical Pinot Noir still wine from Champagne. Do not confuse Pink Champagne with Rosé des Riceys which is a true rosé wine.

Champagne wine making - Champagne process - Traditional wines in Champagne


Champagne wine making information :

Size of the vineyards: 35,000 hectares (85,000 acres)
Vineyards: 15,000 wine growers, 300 wineries


Weather: Continental, cool winter, sunny summer and fall
in Champagne:

Chardonnay (26%), Pinot Meunier (36%), Pinot Noir (38%)


250 million bottles

Type of Wine:

Sparkling wine


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About Champagne :
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French Wine Regions :
- Bordeaux - Burgundy - Corsica - Côtes du Rhône - Languedoc-Roussillon - Loire Valley - Provence - South West



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