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Appellations in Bordeaux

Bordeaux grands crus classés
Premiers grands crus classés (1st) -
Deuxièmes grands crus classés (2nd) - Troisièmes grands crus classés (3rd) - Quatrièmes grands crus classés (4th) - Cinquièmes grands crus classés (5th)

Crus bourgeois (new law as of June 2003)

Crus artisans (new law as of January 2006)

Saint Emilion



The diversity of wine quality in the Médoc made it necessary to create a specific classification as follows: "crus paysans", "crus artisans", "crus bourgeois ordinaires", "crus bon bourgeois", "crus bourgeois supérieur" and "grands crus". They were then classified in five categories only.

At the Universal Exhibition of 1855 in Paris, the "Chambre Syndicale de Courtiers of Bordeaux" (Professional chamber of wine merchants in Bordeaux) distinguished 61 high quality wines. It is the consecration of a long established habit. The selling and purchasing has been based on this classification.

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