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How To Pronounce French, German, and Italian Wine Names
by Diana Bellucci

Why do you need this book ?
You are about to order a bottle of imported wine
You are working in a restaurant
You are an executive at an important dinner

What is in this book ?
15,000 wine names in French, German and Italian followed by their phonetic pronunciation
The "Bellucci" method to understand phonetic and pronunciation
Provides short section on Austrian, Spanish and Portuguese

Format: Paperback, 300 pages Price: $30.00

Does it worth the money ?

"I found Bellucci's book very informative and an excellent tool in breaking down the barriers of intimidation for wine lovers."
Joe Borrello, Executive Director, Tasters Guild International and author of Ask The Wine Guy

• "This book is a lifesaver. Its simple pronunciation rules and multitude of examples mean you can say wine names with confidence even if you don't speak French, German, Italian, Spanish or Portuguese."
Harold J. Baer, Jr., Managing Editor, Colorado Wine News

• "How To Pronounce French, German and Italian Wine Names is the perfect phonetic book for Americans. Pronouncing European wine labels is the biggest obstacle when ordering wine in a restaurant or buying wine in a wine store. However, because Bellucci's book is extensive and easy to use with her own Bellucci MethodTM , this problem is eliminated. This is definitely a must have for any level of wine connoisseur."
D. L. Tadevich, author of travel guide books to wineries

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