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About Terroir-France
The French Wine Guide

Bonjour !

Terroir-France has its roots in Saint Georges d'Orques, a little village a few kilometers from the town of Montpellier by the Mediterranean.

My grandfather was recognized as one of the best wine-makers of the region. Forever innovating and distinguishing himself; he would introduce new grape varieties or produce Muscat. He founded the Cave Co-operative of Saint Georges d'Orques (a union of wine-makers under a single label).

Terroir-France is dedicated to him and to the millions of proud vine-growers who have built the excellent great reputation of French wines.

Of course one needs company for such a venture, here are the special people Terroir-France wants to mention:

The site was developed in collaboration with Laurent Zimmerli and his team at Headbanger in Neuchâtel - Switzerland.

The graphics are the work of Jean Luc Vidal from Montpellier, specialist in architectural drawing in 3 D, this first creation for a web site cries out for more!

François Montrelay (P2P Consultants) is the marketing consultant.

Laurent Hermelin is the technical special consultant.

Antonio Blasco is the wine special consultant.

Karin Bjarnason is the content special consultant.

The translation into English was done by Marie-Antoinette Fisher.

The translation into German was done by Sybille Vonin.

Enjoy and drink with moderation.

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