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Côtes du Rhône Villages

Inside the Côtes du Rhône generic appellation, the Côtes du Rhône Villages label applies to a limited number of villages based on their history, quality and specificity. The best of them can even add the name of the village after "Côtes du Rhône" (see below).

The Côtes du Rhône Villages wines are medium body, most of the time spicy, very diverse from one area to another: rich and able to age in Vinsobres, very fruity rosé in Chusclan, red and white sweet liquorous in Rasteau, spicy red in Cairanne, etc.

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Côtes du Rhône Villages wine information :


Appellation Côtes du Rhône Villages Controlée

Appellation Appellation Côtes du Rhône Villages "name of the village" Controlée
16 villages can include their name: 2/3 of the Côtes du Rhône Villages production

Location: Along the Rhône river, inside Côtes du Rhône AOC
Places: 75 villages
Cairanne, Rasteau, Vinsobres, Laudun, Baumes de Venise, Chusclan, etc
Soil: Clay
Size: 4,500 ha (11,000 acres)

19 million bottles
small white and rosé production

Grapes in Rhône:

Grenache (50%)

Type of wines: Medium body fruity red wines
Age: 2 to 6 years
2006, 2005, 2003
Aromas in Rhône:



Roasted beef
Lamb chops



Bleu d'Auvergne
Fourme d'Ambert

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