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With some vineyards at 500 meters and above, Ajaccio is one of the highest wine region in France. In addtion Because of the warm weather of the Corsica island and the effect of the sea, the red wine from Ajaccio is quite unique.

The main grape is Sciacarello, a local variety that takes full advantage of the environment. The wine from Ajaccio has a light coloured. However in your mouth, the wine is tannic and peppery.

Ajaccio wine information :

Name: Appellation Ajaccio Controlée

In the hills around Ajaccio city

Places: Mezzavia, Porticcio, etc
Soil: Granite
Size: 260 ha (640 acres)

1 million bottles


Red: Sciacarello

Type of wines: Tannic red wine
also white and rosé wines 
Age: 3 to 5 years
2005, 2004, 2001

Candied fruits


Peaches in wine



Goat cheese

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